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A multisport adventure that combines
running and swimming !

It is with great pleasure that we announce the second edition of BinSwimRun, Sunday, May 6, 2018. We remind you that this is the first competition of SwimRun in Morocco! This discipline come straight from Sweden will give you breathtaking sensations. We are waiting for you to swim and run in the middle of an extraordinary landscape.

BinSwimRun is the only race of its kind in Morocco. Composed of teams of two athletes, together throughout the course. They will alternate running trail and swimming segments between lake, islands and mountains. They will race with their neoprene suits and swim with their shoes to get out of their comforts zone, and arrive together at the finish line. The proposed distances are the BinSwimRun "Experience" of a total distance of 30km (23 km of Running and 7 km of Swimming) and the BinSwimRun "Discovery" of a total distance of 13.9 Km (12km of Running and 1.9km from Swimming). This tailor-made course is a new way to practice outdoor sports, and will offer you a variety of unique landscape in Morocco!