Fairouz Chbani and Hassan Baraka

Fairouz and Hassan are a young couple who have always been passionate about sports. Fairouz is a former gymnastics champion and Hassan has accomplished the most extreme sports challenges around the world, he is also the first Moroccan and youngest swimmer in the world to have linked the 5 continents swimming, and the first Moroccan to have participated in the World Marathon Challenge (7 marathons in 7 days in a row on 7 continents from the South Pole to Australia). He is also the first Moroccan to compete in the SwimRun World Championship  ÖtillÖ in Sweden. Feel free to visit his website on: www.hassanbaraka.com

Thanks to Fairouz's extensive professional experience she will be the director of this incredible event. Hassan because of his sporting experience will be the race director.

 We are proud to have been able to import this new discipline that is the SwimRun in Morocco last April. We can promise you that this place does not leave indifferent. Welcome for this second edition and good race to all.